Liberate Knowledge

…to democratize power in all its forms.


Knowledge is power.

Knowledge must be socialized so that power can be democratized.

After the socialization of culture, inevitably follows the socialization of wealth and even of power. We may say that this is the indispensable and prior condition for the democratization and socioeconomic progress of a people.

-Don José María Arizmendiarrieta, Reflections, founder of the Mondragon movement.

Knowledge is currently used as both a commodity and a weapon. It is bought and sold in universities, by corporations, and more – while kept in the hands of a private few to advance their own interests, rather than for the public good. Knowledge is also wielded by institutions, corporations, and governments to advance the prevailing order of dominant and subordinate classes; of a oppressed majority and ruling few. But knowledge, once freed and shared equitably, can forever change the way individuals and groups interact and impact their communities and planet.

This blog is dedicated to liberating knowledge in order to realize a better world. (In addition to any other worthwhile and semi-related rants).



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